Meet Cedric Richmond

CEDRIC RICHMOND is a lifelong resident of New Orleans. Raised in Eastern New Orleans, he grew up attending public schools and participating in New Orleans Recreation Department programs.

Cedric's father died when he was seven years old. His mother, a public school teacher and small business owner, provided him with strong guidance with added emphasis on education. He credits the coaches at Goretti playground as being very influential role models and motivators in during his childhood.

Cedric graduated from Benjamin Franklin High School, Morehouse College, Tulane School of Law and the Harvard University executive program at the John F. Kennedy School of Government.

Cedric's public service started at age 16 when he started coaching teams at Goretti playground. He firmly believes that neighborhood playgrounds play an important part in instilling core values in our children.

Watching his mother and step-father run a small business, Cedric learned the key role that small businesses play in our economy and the lives of ordinary families. He is committed to ensuring that we provide those businesses with enough resources to grow and prosper.

After passing the Louisiana Bar Exam, Cedric was elected to the Louisiana House of Representatives where he has been a leader and served with distinction since 2000. Currently, he is the Chairman of the committee on Judiciary and a member of the Ways and Means, House Executive, and Legislative Audit Advisory committees.

Cedric has been instrumental in many important issues in the legislature. He created the State New Markets Tax Credit program which spurred over 250 million dollars in investment in Louisiana's devastated areas after the storms of 2005. He also secured funding for small business incubators and grant programs. As a member of the and Co-chairman of the Legislative Audit Advisory committee, Cedric was vital in ending the waste and misappropriation of funds in the Orleans Parish School system.

During his tenure in office, Cedric has remained a strong advocate for the people of his district and vows to continue to keep fighting to make tomorrow and all of the tomorrows to come better.